Saturday, June 18, 2005


Why do conservatives hate America?

I personally don't think that conservatives do hate America. I think a small group has co-opted the term conservative and they do not truly believe in conservative values.

This space will present on a weekly basis an example of one or more of these so-called "conservatives" who says or does something clearly showing they must hate America and the ideals we hold dear.


The Old Hippie said...

I just added this blog to my blog's list. I was going to e-mail you privately, but I couldn't find an email addy on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Cheney is a traitor, a liar and a coward. He is evil personified, and if he thinks we are not onto his devilment, he thinks incorrectly. The second most dangerous man in America.

milford said...

Blind ignorant morons! What do you know about Cheney, have you met him? Don't judge people if you don't know them. To you anonymous idiot, you think Cheney is evil, yet it is your "kind" that enjoys killing babies, wants legalized marijuana, and believes that sexual immorality should be a source of pride, you also want to take away two of our most important laws (right to bear arms, and freedom of religion)(look it up moron), the very foundations of this great country you pretend to care about and yet make fun of the people who make it possible for loudmouthed wackjob morons like you to spread your lies and slander across the web. Get a life. Start reading what is really happening and maybe your intellect will be brought up.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives do hate America. They hate the America that exists today - with Blacks and Jews and women living with white men and sharing power side-by-side. The hate an America where corporate greed has to be checked by strong regulators and clear laws with harsh penalties. They hate an America where there are too many unconnected people for even small communities to take care of their own, where government - local, state, and federal - has to provide a safety net so the weak are not bankrupted, abused, and denied. They want an America like the good old days, like Bedford Falls. I love Bedford Falls, but it does not exist anymore. We all live in Pottersville now, but the Conservatives don't want to believe it, and they don't love what we have gained - freedom, independence, free speech, diversity, compassion for the weak, and more. Keep up adding to your site - it's a great start.