Saturday, June 18, 2005

Our First Conservative Who Hates America

Today we begin a presentation of people who profess to be conservatives but espouse very non-conservative views. While I therefore do not personally believe these people are conservatives, they claim themselves as such and so I am obliged to title this blog, Why Do Conservatives Hate America. And now ...

For Imprisoning People Indefinitely Without Trial
Vice President Dick Cheney
is a
Conservative Who Hates America

Vice President Dick Cheney apparently has forgotten that Americans recognize certain fundamental rights and if these rights are to be considered fundamental, they need to be applied to people regardless of citizenship. While the courts say the application of these rights to non-citizens is not required not to do so discloses a deep hostility to true American principles. For saying that we must create prison camps to hold "bad people" who have not been convicted in a court of law, Vice President Dick Cheney is our first Conservative Who Hates America.

On the June 13, 2005 episode of the FoxNews show Hannity and Colmes, Vice President Cheney made the following statements, all of which show he must hate America:
"I think the way to look at what [President Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld] said, they both emphasized the importance that you need to have the capability to imprison detainees that we capture."

"At present, there's no plan to close Gitmo."

"The important thing here to understand is that the people that are at Guantanamo are bad people."

"[T]hey are well treated. Their medical needs are attended to. They're well fed. They've got -- their religious requirements are catered to. If they want the Koran, they've got the Koran. These people are very well treated for terrorists. If you put them out on the street now and if you were to take action to release them, then you'd find yourself in a situation where the --- you may well find them back trying to kill more Americans."

"So we need a facility. If it's not Guantanamo, it's got to be something else. The function has to be performed."

(You have to have a place for these detainees?)
"Absolutely. And Guantanamo, I think, makes good sense. And in spite of some sensational charges that are often made about it, the fact of the matter is, these people are treated appropriately. And it's vital for us to maintain this kind of capacity, because we derive significant intelligence out of it."
The Vice President believes it's ok to imprison people without trial as long as you treat them "appropriately" and "derive significant intelligence out of it." Treat someone well and you can hold them as a "detainee," not a prisoner mind you, for... well forever. Accuse them of being a terrorist, not prove so in a court of law, and you may hold someone forever. Imprison them not because they have but because they "may" commit a crime. These beliefs and actions show Vice President Dick Cheney hates America.

Vice President Cheney, imprisoning people without trial is UNAMERICAN!

Congratulations to
Vice President Dick Cheney
our first
Conservative Who Hates America


milford said...

You are absolutely brainwashed. People like you will never understand battle or war because you are to much of a wussie to fight for your freedoms you love so much. The reason we have Gitmo Bay is because most Muslim are extremists to say the least. To be a "true" Muslim you must kill all infidels. The fact that anyone is stupid or ignorant enough to believe or follow something that absolutely ludicrous, shows they should be watched carefully at the least. On top of that we have Middle Eastern countries specifically Sudan, Jordan, Iran, Saudia Arabia who openly support terrorism, no matter what ignoramises like you or the off the scale wackjob media portray. You and them say we should show "tolerance" towards an insane religion yet you don't even want to hear the word Christianity in the very country it was made for. So much for tolerance. The truth is that ninety percent of the people there are rebels and extremists who will try to destroy freedom and democracy anyway they can. Plus the fact that you can think you are smarter or know the American way more than someone who was born and raised, college educated in America for twice as long as you have been around is insane. You think you might have a pride problem. You like to make fun of true Americans, conservative or liberal yet you are to stupid to argue with anyone of them. You use your blogspot to make yourself smart and that people actually care what you have to say. When you spurt crap like your "why conservatives hate America" you lose any tiny bit of respect you may have in the eyes of most Americans.


John Tyner - Birmingham, AL said...

Milford.. you call him an ignoramus..and yet, you cannot even spell the word "ignoramus.."
Doesn't that make you.. an ignoramus....?

John Tyner said...

Oh yeah, and Mike.. The whole thing about "this is why Dick Cheney hates America" makes little or no sense. Dick doesn't hate America. He hates poor people. He is extremely, magnanimously rich, and he cannot stand to see poor people receiving charity and aid. This is why he and his cohorts are mounting slow invasions against over a dozen third world nations right now. He is one of the most influential men in one of the richest nations in the world; and so, it is his obligation to invade poor nations and stomp out as many people in poverty as he can find, whether it be by using B-52's to rain bombs on their mud-houses, or by sending troop invasions and building unwelcome military bases in their countries, or by using covert ops to topple their poor governments and assasinate what few admirable leaders they may have left. So, Cheney loves America. Without big, bad, rich America, Cheney would not be able to do any of this. He's having a blast, and so is Rumsfeld. God Bless America and all her money...

David said...

Milford, how can you accuse someone of being brainwashed-when you yourself have obviously been brainwashed by the right's view of Islam? You have made it clear that you know absolutely nothing about the faith of the Muslims. Should Christiansbe judged simply because of the existence of the KKK, and the fact that the Bible commanded the Israelites to kill every man, woman, and child of the Canaanites? How about the Jews? No, of course not. So don't judge the Muslims. After all, bigotry is un-American. Or is it? 'm starting to wonder.